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The Studio at Stage II

The Studio at Stage II affords MTC the opportunity to present thrilling new work in a way which invites audiences into the artistic process. MTC’s producing history in Stage II includes early works from many playwrights who, over time and with many productions across MTC’s campus of venues, became part of the fabric of MTC. The Studio at Stage II will be a place for artists to work and for audiences with an appetite for risk, adventure, and bold theatricality to meet that work.

Bold new work.

MTC’s The Studio at Stage II, in association with Ars Nova, presents Sharyn Rothstein’s BY THE WATER, the first world premiere production to come out of their unique partnership.

Hurricane Sandy has just ravaged the lifelong home of Marty and Mary Murphy. But the storm has ripped apart more than just the walls: with their neighbors too devastated to stay, the couple’s beloved Staten Island community is in danger of disappearing forever. Determined to rebuild, Marty wages a campaign to save his neighborhood and his home, but when the Murphys’ sons arrive to help their parents dig out, past betrayals come rushing to the surface.

With fierce compassion and poignant humor, BY THE WATER reminds us that the very powers that tear us apart can also bring us together.

BY THE WATER was commissioned by The Writer’s Room (Manhattan Theatre Club, Ars Nova). The Writer’s Room is a program to commission, develop and support playwrights in the process of creating new work for the stage.

Bold new audiences.

In order to ensure that tickets to BY THE WATER are affordable to the widest possible, most diverse audiences, MTC is pricing all tickets during the five-week run at $30.

For information on MTC’s upcoming Stage II production of BY THE WATER, click here.