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Internship FAQs

Who can apply for MTC internships?

MTC accepts internship applications from rising college sophomores through early career professionals.  Due to the level of previous experience required to have a successful internship, we do not accept applications from high school students or those entering their freshman year of college.

If I send my application in months before the deadline, do I have a better chance at getting a position than someone who turns in an application the day of the deadline?

No. Everybody who turns in a COMPLETE application by the deadline gets exactly the same consideration. It is recommended that applications arrive at least one week prior to the deadline so that if any information is missing there will be adequate time for our office to contact you. However complete applications are accepted up until the day of the deadline.

Are there any tips you can give me on submitting my application?

We prefer that all materials arrive together. If letters of recommendation must be sent separately, please be sure your name and the semester for which you are applying are clearly marked on the recommendation. Please note that a late recommendation will render the entire application late.

We have also created some videos that can help you to write your application and prepare for an interview – click here to see them.

How many applications does MTC receive?

Every year MTC receives approximately 750 complete applications across the three semesters, with the most applications received for the Summer semester. Each semester we interview approximately 60 candidates and hire 10 to 12 interns. It should be noted that each position is not necessarily available every semester due to returning interns and company workload.

Does MTC hire part-time interns?

There are two departments which hire part-time interns.  The Friedman position is divided between two part-time interns.  The Please note the hours for this position align with the performance schedule (i.e. nights, weekends, and matinees).  The Education internship is also part-time.

Does MTC hire international interns?

Yes, MTC does hire interns from outside the U.S. International applicants must secure an Exchange Visitor or Foreign Student visa to work at MTC; however, MTC is unable to sponsor visa applications. We can supply a letter of employment and/or description of training to a third-party organization that does sponsor the applicant. Inquire about visa application procedures with the U.S. Embassy or consulate with jurisdiction over your place of permanent residence. Council on International Education Exchange (CIEE) is also a good organization to contact regarding student work/travel visas.

What is the timeline for the application process?

Most in-person and phone interviews are scheduled as early as 1 week after the deadline and as late as 2 months after the deadline. All applicants who submit a complete application by the deadline will be notified by MTC whether or not they are selected for an interview and/or internship position. It is not always possible for us to be in touch if your application is received late or is incomplete at the time of the deadline.

What are the exact dates of each semester?

There are no exact dates for our program. Generally the Fall Semester begins the day after Labor Day and lasts through December, the Spring Semester begins January 2 and lasts through May, and the Summer Semester begins the first week of June and lasts through August.

While all start and end dates are somewhat flexible, please indicate in your cover letter if you are not available for the entire period for which you are applying. Likewise, if you are available significantly earlier or later, please note that as well.

May I apply for more than one semester at a time?

No. Each application submitted must be for a specific semester. Applicants who are interviewed but not selected for the program may choose to move their application to the next semester. Applicants who are not selected for an interview may choose to apply again.

If I am hired by MTC for one semester, may I stay on for a second semester?

No, interns are only permitted to be in residence for a single semester.

What is the proper procedure for mailing an application?

We prefer that you send everything at one time. If an application is mailed, please do not staple any of your materials and do not send any additional materials. If you are selected for an interview, you may bring supplemental material at that time.

Your application should include only the following:

  • MTC Application Form
  • Cover letter addressed to “Dear Intern Coordinator”
  • Résumé
  • One letter of reference

No other material will be reviewed.