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Program Overview

A central tenet of MTC Education is that the works on our stages require and repay study.   As such the focus of our programs, with both students and adults, points to or radiates from the works on our stages.  Whether preparing students for an education matinee, providing professional development for educators, assisting at-risk or incarcerated youth in the creation of a short play, or providing context for subscribers prior to attending a production, MTC Education activates and enlivens the theatre-going experience.


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  • CORE

Students attend a matinee of an MTC production after intensive classroom preparation. Four workshops with MTC teaching artists and classroom teachers enrich students’ experiences at the performance. Students discuss the play, do improvisations on its themes, perform key excerpts, and write scenes of their own. This work provides specific insights into the plays being studied and deepens the students’ understanding of theatre in general.


Write on the Edge (‘WrOTE’) provides a uniquely empowering opportunity for students to refine and revise their work and bring it to life. Students develop original scripts inspired by the Manhattan Theatre Club production they have studied and attended. A team of professional actors, directors, and classroom teachers supervise the writing and revision process; the project culminates in a performance of the students’ work by the professional actors. Read more about WrOTE.


Students in geographically isolated communities collaborate on a playwriting/production project via the Internet. Classes at each site write an original play based on an MTC production; their play is then produced by students at a partner school. Using distance-learning technologies, students confer with MTC teaching artists, study the MTC play, and communicate with their partner school. The work culminates in a presentation of the plays via videoconference or streaming video. For more information about the program, visit


A range of programs including hands-on workshops and panels with MTC artists deepen undergraduate and graduate students’ understanding of specific MTC productions and of theatre in general. This program also helps train pre- and in-service teachers to incorporate theatre techniques and theatregoing experiences into the K-12 curriculum.


Classroom teachers and school administrators participate in free artist-led workshops focusing on a Manhattan Theatre Club production. This process introduces teachers to MTC’s instructional model and to innovative techniques for teaching theatre and dramatic literature.


Students bring an adult of their choice to a Saturday-morning workshop focusing on the MTC production they attend in the afternoon. This free program promotes family theatregoing and intergenerational dialogue.


Stargate Theatre provides court-involved youth the paid opportunity to engage in a theatre-making experience that develops workforce readiness and life skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. With the guidance of professional theatre artists and educators, the ensemble composes, rehearses and performs a theatrical piece reflecting their collective identity and their aspirations, ideas and fears about themselves and the world. Read more about Stargate.


Highly motivated high school students learn about the art and craft of playwriting. In weekly after-school sessions conducted by master playwrights, participants develop plays by bringing in successive drafts for critique by leaders of the group. The program culminates in a reading of the participants’ work performed by professional actors for an audience of family and friends. This nine-week program runs October to December, and February to May.


The Adult Education Program affords MTC Patrons and Subscribers an opportunity to deepen their understanding of MTC productions through conversations with theatre professionals and hands-on theatre-based workshops.

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If you would like more information about MTC Education, contact [email protected]